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How to Become an SEO Expert


Time, dedication, and expertise are all needed for SEO. Are you motivated to learn? Here are the 21 requirements for being an SEO expert.

So you want to become an SEO expert.

I can totally understand why.

There are so many reasons to love SEO.

SEO is fascinating.

SEO is a fast-paced, in-demand field with plenty of longevity ahead of it.

But that means SEO also attracts people who just see it as an easy money grab or work-from-home job.

They read some blogs here and there, learn the terminology, and voila! They’re changing their title on LinkedIn to “SEO Expert.”

After only a few days.

Or worse, a matter of hours.

That’s like reading a few medical books and calling yourself a doctor.

That’s not how this works.

SEO expertise, like any other field, requires time, commitment, and experience.

You can’t just declare yourself an SEO expert.

It’s not a young field anymore.

There are experts who’ve been doing SEO for decades now.

Ready to follow in their footsteps?

Here are 21 things you need to know to become an SEO expert.

1. Understand the Basics of SEO

Start with the fundamentals to become an expert. You must comprehend how users and search engines interact and how to successfully optimize content.


There are three fundamental elements to learning the fundamentals:



the kinds of material that users need, want, or anticipate. The user's intent is everything.

the actual operations that search engines perform.

the methods and tools required for website optimization.

You might be able to explain the "what," but not the "why," without this history.


Knowing the why sets you different as someone with 15 years of experience in this field.


Understanding the underlying causes of SEO's more complex features will help you work more productively.

2. Build Your Own Websites

It's time to put your newfound knowledge of SEO basics into practice.


The majority of experts would tell you that they gained the most knowledge by destroying and constructing things.


When I spoke with Ryan Jones of Razorfish on the Search Engine Journal Show, he said it succinctly:


"Start performing SEO for yourself before attempting to do it for major brands. creating something Start doing it for yourself and develop your talents that way, whether it's a blog, affiliate site, or an app."

Learn HTML. Learn all the tags. Test.

Fiddle with the content and see how it manifests in SERPs.

Pick a topic that you’re into. That’ll make it easier to create content.

You want to spend more time building and optimizing the content, not writing it.


3. Learn WordPress

WordPress powers one-third of all websites.


So, you must be an expert in SEO if you want to be one.


It is not just widely used; it is also the best CMS for SEO.


WordPress is ideal for features that both directly (metadata, for example) and indirectly (UX, for example) impact SEO performance.


With this excellent collection of resources from PrajnaWorld, you can begin your WordPress education.

4. Learn Google Analytics & Google Search Console

SEO experts utilize a wide range of techniques to analyze the efficiency of their content optimization efforts.


Any SEO command center needs Google Analytics and Google Search Console.


The main focuses of Google Analytics are measurement and reporting.


Your website can be optimized with the help of Google Search Console.


Both of them must be mastered for SEO expertise.

5. Read About SEO Every Day

Recall how I said dedication?


You must be determined to read about SEO every day.


Every day, the major search engines change, and you never know how those changes will affect your results.


Your coworkers, customers, and supervisors will count on you to have the answers.

Keeping up with SEO content daily keeps you fresh.

Not sure where to begin? Try this list of 25 reliable resources to start with.

6. Understand How Search Engines Work

It may seem as though the search engines are largely in charge of your destiny.


It does, too.


You should therefore be familiar with crawlers.


These bots are evaluating the value and applicability of your material.


Several important aspects influence those choices.


You may better understand how the algorithms work by understanding search intent, relevancy, content quality, linkages, and usability.


Search engines are a mystery; they don't divulge the formula for their unique products.


However, you may optimize your site and offer yourself an advantage by using these well-known variables.

7. Read Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines

Study Google's Quality Rater Guidelines for an even more in-depth peek behind the scenes.


This article outlines the elements that individuals hired by Google to rate websites are instructed to search for.


It takes some time to read.


You might be acquainted with the condensed version of its contents, referred to as E-A-T:


  • Expertise.
  • Authoritativeness
  • Trustworthiness

The condensed version is helpful if you're just getting started or even at the intermediate level, but you must read the entire thing to become an expert.


The raters are regular individuals; they are not SEO experts.


These raters impact the functionality of your website in a manner akin to that of the search engine bots.

8. Look at the SERPs

This is the hub of activity.


Search engine results pages to see (SERPs).


How are they put together?

What kind of content do they show?

Who is succeeding at it?

Watch how the outcomes alter as you run different types of searches.


Check out the differences between this search for "alfredo sauce" and this one for "how to create alfredo sauce."


This collection of featured recipe snippets is available to you as a result of the search query I entered.

Then, here you can see the knowledge panel on the right.

Google is making decisions about the intent behind those queries and serving up content in a format that it thinks users want the most.

So look at the SERPs.

A lot.


9. Learn About Technical SEO

Technical SEO is everything you do to make it easy for search engines to crawl and index your website.


Technical SEO considers all the factors that affect how a website functions, including mobile friendliness, site performance, structured data, JavaScript, and others.


How well a site ranks in the SERPs is influenced by these elements.


Even with amazing content, a slow or bug-filled website will hinder performance.


A website with a strong foundation from technical SEO can make or break your approach when there is so much content to contend with.


In our technical SEO guide, you can learn more.

10. Learn About Content Strategy, Creation, Optimization & Promotion

Although technical SEO makes it easier for search engines to crawl and index your website, understanding content can help you enhance user experience, time on site, links, and much more.


The days of creating content with a keyword-first approach are long gone.


Content must now be generated using a user-first strategy in light of the Hummingbird update and the appearance of RankBrain.


The fact that you released material, however, does not guarantee that users will locate it.


In order to help search engines categorize material, content needs to be optimized to offer context.


A marketing plan must be used to support that content.


The success or failure of your content is influenced by various marketing channels, such as social media and email, in addition to SEO.

11. Use Link Building Tactics That Actually Work

One of the first concepts you study when studying SEO is link building.


Additionally, it is one of the subjects with the most dubious recommendations.


You need quality links, not just a lot of them, in order to gain from link building.


Building relationships and producing quality reporting are both necessary to get there.


Building relationships is crucial for link building. I was requested to contribute to this PointVisible article, and as a result, SEJ received a great link back.

If you’re a beginner, start with our ebook, Link Building for Beginners.

If you’re a little further along, check out our more in-depth link building guide.


12. Don’t Develop Checklist Mentality

When you have a checklist mentality, you become rigid and oblivious to when a routine is no longer effective because you are so intent on sticking to it.


Search engines are always evolving.


You need to be flexible, and following a to-do list blindly results from having a checklist mentality.


The tasks on such to-do list eventually become obsolete or fail to take into account fresh information.


The checklist mentality will eventually have a negative impact on your results.


Be objective and open-minded instead.


Think creatively if your rankings have declined despite following your criteria.


Request assistance.


Be flexible and adaptable.


Just remember not to let your checklist rule your life.


The advice in the following paragraphs will direct you to reliable sources that can aid in your ongoing development.

13. Join Facebook Groups

Facebook is full of active, helpful groups for SEO professionals. Here are just a few:

Global SEO Network

Digital Marketing Questions

SEO Tips, Tricks & Tools

You have access to a ready-made peer network through Facebook groups.


Search for organizations that include include marketers, content creators, and social media experts rather than just SEO groups.


Look for groups that concentrate on e-commerce or B2B marketing if you are interested in those topics.


Facebook offers an unrivaled network in terms of raw size.

14. Follow SEO Experts on Twitter

You occasionally need a break from the usual blogs and news websites.


You now have another opportunity to acquire the richness of information of SEO specialists by following them on Twitter.


Use Twitter to stay up to date on current events, take part in discussions, and gain viewpoints on SEO issues that aren't clear-cut.


Start by following other SEO authorities who are already being followed by major SEO blogs.


Your understanding of SEO is sharpened and chances that you might not have known about otherwise are connected to you when you follow the proper people on Twitter.


To assist you in getting started, I've assembled a list of professionals.

15. Attend SEO & Marketing Conferences

By participating in events, you can advance your skills in another way.


The best places to learn more about various facets of content marketing are conferences and webinars.


Although live events are currently on pause, there are still many virtual conferences taking place.


The presentations offer expert advice on the subjects that most SEO professionals find to be important.

A superb conference is definitely worth the cost, even though they can be expensive.


You may not have the opportunity to hear from industry leaders firsthand until you attend events.


Here is a list of awesome events you should attend this year and the following.

16. Listen to Podcasts

Try listening when you want to take a break from reading and viewing.


In recent years, the number of podcasts has multiplied, and SEO-related podcasts are no exception.


While you're exercising or cooking, listen to music.


The best method to nourish your brain while multitasking is via podcasts.


You can choose from a wide range of hosts, show lengths, and formats to fit your preferences.


Despite my partiality, you can find tons of solid advice on The Search Engine Journal Show from some of the industry's top thinkers.

17. Grow Your Personal Network

You don't have all the answers.


You don't know every solution.


You probably never will in SEO.


But it's alright!


Some SEO specialists who are absolute authorities in JavaScript SEO have little to no knowledge of link building.


Other professionals in our field excel at content strategy and promotion but struggle with some technical SEO elements.


You will eventually require assistance from another professional in the field.


So begin establishing contacts.


Start forming relationships via social media.


This is quite simple thanks to websites like Twitter and LinkedIn.


Being open to sharing knowledge is the best method to establish relationships and expand your network.


Don't just keep taking things.


a mutual exchange.


Do not forget that partnerships are two-way streets.


Describe your own experiences and expertise.

The goal is to build relationships by staying in touch with people on a regular basis.



These connections will come to regard you as an authority over time.


Share and discuss information that others have shared, too.


You should eventually establish a reliable network of contacts with whom you can solve issues, get feedback on ideas, and exchange advice and other knowledge.

18. Take Advantage of Free Courses

The abundance of free knowledge that is available to you is one of the best things about learning SEO.


Yes, there is a ton of garbage to sort through.


However, there are also a ton of totally free courses offered by reputable businesses and educators.

You can also find free courses from SEMrush.

19. Keep Learning & Growing Your Skill Set

Being an expert has no finish line.


And there are many of additional abilities outside of SEO that boost your effectiveness.


Learn about graphic design, copywriting, and web development.


Learn about a specific sector or become an authority on a particular kind of writing.


Continuous skill development improves your expertise and establishes you as a reliable resource.


Additionally, it increases YOUR value, allowing you to charge or earn more.

20. Learn from Your Mistakes & Repeat Your Successes

Since SEO is not a precise science, experts gain a lot of knowledge through trial and error.


Errors are unavoidable.


Recover from them, then proceed.


On the other hand, when you take action that is successful, note it.


Do it once more.


till it stops working.


After that, it is a mistake you can grow from.


The key message is to constantly grow and learn.

21. Be Patient

As I mentioned at the outset of this article, mastering SEO takes time.

Ride the algorithmic transformation wave.

Become confused by changes to search tools.

Develop your neighborhood.

These processes cannot be hurried.

However, if you are passionate about it, the reward is a fulfilling, in-demand career.


Being an SEO expert opens up a world of opportunities.


You can play a vital role in launching a startup.


You can upgrade the online presence of a 50-year-old company.


You can help a solopreneur reach new audiences.


You can help a retailer crush its sales goals.


There are a lot of skills you need to develop to become that trusted resource.


But it all starts with patience, integrity, and hunger to learn.

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